Club Details


Mr Gwyn Brown V Dan &
Mr Shaun Skedgwell III Dan

Te Puna Primary School Hall, Te Puna Rd, Tauranga

Training Times:

Mondays and Thursdays

5.30 to 6.15  for Minikids. 4-8 yr olds approx

6.15 to 8.00 for the Mainstream Club Members and by invitation.

Contact Details:
Phone: 0274-587871

Visiting Students:

Are not required to ring first, just come along!

Club Rules:

Are the same as written in your student handbook, however, we do have several extra rules as written below.

1. No folding arms while training

2.No hands on hips while training

3. Use of the word can’t is forbidden, as in I can’t do that

4. Drink bottles & a towel are mandatory.

5. DO NOT come to training unless you have your “Can-Do” attitude sorted out!

Breaking of any of the above rules will result in many, many push-ups!

Read the clubs student agreement here: