Club Laser Tag Day, June 2012

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Demo Day at Omokoroa 23/3/11

Thanks girls for coming and being the Demo Team…and Josh of course. And to Kara and Madison for our ring-ins help!

Star Tournament 3 2010

Well done to all who entered below. Also well done to all those that didn’t enter but were there to assist with the fundraising etc. And especially well done to Emma and Blaze for doing so well at their first tournament sparring match, and to Ethan and Nic for their slug fest with each other!

Rosie Collins
63: Holly Fleet
64: Vivienne Wood
65: Mark Pettit
66: Ethan Shergold
67: Henry Pettit
68: Nic Buet
69: Frances Lloyd
70: Isobel Pettit
71: Blaze Edwards
72: Emma Jarvis

Nationals 2010

Have to say Mr S and myself are very proud of the team that went to the nationals. We came back with 4 golds, 2 silvers, and 2 bronze medals. Midlands also had their best result ever, helped in no small way by our club!

If you have any photo’s, send them to me and i will put them up.

Regionals 2010

Some pics of you guys at the regionals.  If anyone has anymore, send them through

Ross & Shanes last Training Night 09

Our last sparring training night was enjoyed by all, and well taken by Ross & Shane. The club managed to also raise another $200 out of their club fees to help send the boys overseas and as a thank you for the training they have received over the lasy few months. And as you can see, we also had a guest for the night with Mr Kyle Caldwell enjoying a training session with the kids, his first in a number of years.

You can see a video of Kyle winning Gold at the 2002 world champs here.

Club Demo Day at Te Puna School

Thanks Bonnie for the photo’s of our demonstration at Te Puna School on the 17/10/09

Here are some photos of the night.

Club Mufti Night

We were on the verge of seventy dollars; around the same as last time so we are on our way to getting club T-shirts. Training in mufti was certainly a wake up call for all of us but it was also very insightful. The added weight and lack of flexibility were points that were covered on the night. Practicing in civilian clothing can help you prepare for real world situations, in which most of your kicks would not be effective. This is where self defence helps a lot. If someone was to mug you on the street,  you would find it difficult to kick with bulky footwear. This being said, hand techniques or holds can be useful or good low kicks with hard shoes. Hopefully we will do this again to improve our ability to defend ourselves in civilian attire. It if quite a valuable skill as we will not be fighting in our Dobok but in standard inflexible gear that will weigh us down.

Here are some photos of the night.



Midlands Coloured Belt Tournament

13 Members of Silla competed in this tournament organised by Ms Lander of the Papamoa club, with nearly all gaining a placing. Congratulations to Jack (far left) on earning best overall white belt student!



Midlands Regional Tournament

Congratulations to you all for your success over the weekend. Not only did Silla members win many trophies, we also won the Team Spirit Trophy, presented to the club that shows the best support of its members.



Interclub Tournament

Congratulations to all Silla members who competed in the Interclub tournament over the weekend, photo’s are below!

Mr Skedgwell and i were very proud to be your instructors and see you all participating and enjoying what for most of you was your first tournament. We will be holding more of these smaller events over the year to give you confidence and experience, and we encourage you to enter the National Star Tournament Series throughout the year.



Regional camp photo’s

Shilla members attended the regional camp this year and had a great time. Some of them are below



Club End of Year Breakup

On Sunday the 14th Silla club members held their club breakup at Saphire Springs. 60 members and their families attended, swam, had a BBQ, and watched the club demo team perform for their families. You guys were great, see you on the 19th January!



Club Training

Our last training session for 08, with some students missing, and some regular extras at the back (In particular our special guest from far north Hurupaki Club Miss Amy Reeder).



National Juniors Camp 30/11/08

More photo’s here!

Some club members and others from around the country attending the camp



Epson Star Tournament 4 16/11/08

3 Shilla club members had a great day at the last Epson Star Tournament of 2008, collecting 4 medals between them, congratulations to James, Josh and Holly



Club Demo at the Te Puna School Fair

Members of the club demo team put on a great display and even though most have been training for less than 1 year, the standard was awesome, especially the specialty jumping and breaking!



Combined Training Night 10 September 08

We welcomed members from the Tauranga & Papamoa clubs along with Mr Rimmer, nearly 80 students altogether in our small Do Jang!



Master D Club Visit 14/8/08



Our Trip to Cambridge!

Bumping along all ten of us, in the back of a huge campervan

Screaming, yelling and playing games, we all wish we had a fan

Arriving at the Do Jang we all jump out

We’re all over excited but we dare not shout

Practising patterns, stretches and line work

Not one of us being a jerk

The class ends and we all head to KFC

Lucky we don’t have to pay the fee

Yum yum we’re all done

Time to head home to mum

So thanks for the great trip we all had fun

We’re all tired and need to go to sleep like the faded sun

Written by Bonnie May Gibson 14/8/08

Midlands Regionals

Just a few pictures of Holly Fleet in action at the Midlands Regionals in Te Awamutu in June.

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International Instructors Conference

Held over the weekend of 18 July 08 and attended by Silla’s two instructors

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Club training night

This gallery is for photo’s of Silla’s students doing their thing!



Korea – 07

These are just some of the 300+ photo’s of my 3 months teaching experience in Sth Korea in 2007.