Silla’s Instructors

General Kim Yu-Sin's tomb, Korea

Mr Gwyn Brown 5th Dan

  • iTKD Instructor- Silla Taekwon-Do, Te Puna
  • ITF International Instructor
  • iTKD Tournament Advisory Group Director
  • iTKD A Grade Referee
  • ITF A Grade Referee

Mr Brown has been learning Taekwon-Do for 23 years, and has been to Korea (The home of Taekwon-Do) where he was selected by iTKD to teach there on an exchange program. He is a past member of the iTKD Executive Committee of NZ & current Director of the Tournaments Committee, has 4 children, 4 grandchildren and also runs his own National Childcare Business – when Taekwon-Do allows.








Mr Shaun Skedgwell 4th Dan (refereeing in this photo)

  • iTKD Assistant instructor – Silla Taekwon-Do, Te Puna
  • iTKD Standards & Discipline committee member
  • iTKD A Grade Referee

Mr Skedgwell is a Police Officer and a member of iTKDs Standards & Discipline Committee – responsible for the ethical conduct of all students. He is also a specialist in destruction and self defence, having won gold at iTKDs National Tournament and many other events, and of course practising self defence daily during the course of his work!

Mrs Trudie Malone 2nd Dan

  • iTKD Assistant instructor – Silla Taekwon-Do, Te Puna
  • iTKD B Grade Referee